Emerald - The Video Anthology

Band: Emerald
Origin: Düdingen, Switzerland / est. 1995

Heavy Metal

Current Line-Up:






Mace Mitchell - Vocals

Michael Vaucher - Guitars

Julien Menth - Guitars

Vania Truttmann - Bass

Thomas Vaucher - Keyboards

Al Spicher - Drums






Youtube Channel

The Last Legion

In 2010 Emerald released the album "Re-Forged" which was the first one that featured a whole new line-up, including Al on drums.

The band decided to shoot a music video for the song "The Last Legion". With no real budget to spend, Al's experience in "cheap" filmmaking came in handy. He came up with the scenario of the band performing and getting abducted by a bunch of crazy metal chicks in the end. 

The video with it's comic elements was pretty well received and led the way for more to come...

Emerald - The Last Legion (Official Video)

Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery

"Unleashed" Album Teaser

In 2012 Emerald decided to create an album teaser for the upcoming longplayer "Unleashed". As most common album teasers are just simple, boring song by song photo-slideshows, the band chose a more original way. The idea was to shoot a sequel video to "The Last Legion". It shows how the band was locked in their rehearsal room by the crazy "Emerald Girls", forced to write the best songs ever... 

...until they were finally "UNLEASHED"...

Emerald - "Unleashed" - Official Album Teaser

Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery

"Singer Wanted" Promo Video

In the beginning of 2014 the band was stuck in a crisis: they were left without a singer. The search for a worthy replacement turned out to be much harder than expected. Therefore the band called in the "Emerald Girls" once more to help them escape their misery...


Emerald - "New Singer Wanted" Promo Video

Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery

Reckoning Day

For the 2017 album "Reckoning Day", several videos were produced:

1. Album Teaser

It's the year 2016. At lot has happened with Emerald since the last album: 3 members had left the band, 3 years wihout playing any concerts and without any sign of life had passed. Emerald was more or less considered dead. Yet the reassembled band is about to strike back with a brand new album in a brand new line-up. This teaser doesn't show much of the new band and the new music yet and closes with a nice cliffhanger...

2. Album Trailer