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Occupation & Hobbies:

- Multimedia designer

- Movie maker

- Drummer for the following bands & projects: 

Favorite Movies:

Shaun of the Dead, District 9, Evil Dead, The Machinist, Star Wars (original trilogy), Lord of the Rings, Braindead, Detroit Rock City, Alien, Total Recall (Original), Cabin in the Woods, Shawshank Redemption, 11:14, Donnie Darko, John Rambo, Stand By Me, An American Werewolf in London, The Thing, Dawn Of The Dead (Remake), Pop Redemption, Captain Phillips, Pan's Labyrinth, Death Sentence, The Last House On The Left (Remake), Django Unchained, TCM - The Beginning, Blood Diamond, some of the latest Marvel movies…


Favorite TV Series:

Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Weeds, Justified, Shameless, Fargo, American Horror Story, The Big Bang Theory, True Detective, Vikings, Ray Donovan, The Shield, The Pacific, Dexter, True Blood, Band of Brothers, Scrubs, My Name is Earl, Californication, Malcolm in the Middle, Strike Back, Chuck, Banshee, Tales From The Crypt, Oz, Homeland, The Bridge, Wilfred, The Following, Orphan Black, Hung, Six Feet Under, Entourage, The Killing, Silicon Valley...


Favorite Bands:

Iron Maiden, Dare, Tenacious D, Amorphis, Savage Messiah, 5FDP, MSG, UFO, Annihilator, Kreator, Dynazty, (old) Metallica, Exodus, Blind Guardian, Testament, Eclipse, Gotthard, Bad Religion, Iced Earth, (old) Bon Jovi, Tierra Santa, Armored Saint, Sacred Reich, Metal Church, The Order, Dr. Living Dead, Gary Moore, Heathen, Anthrax, Judas Priest…


Favorite Drinks:

As Jùscht's Emerald, Lapin Kulta, Pepsi, Ouzo, Tea...


Tollmais Function:

Director, writer, producer, actor, editor, cameraman, fx creator etc. in every project