Domi, a psychic Z-Squad Agent gets sent on a search and rescue mission. When she finds her subject, Dr. Schmidt, brutally mutilated and already half eaten by zombies, she has sudden visions of possible foul play. Was Dr. Schmidt murdered by another Z-Squad Agent? With an enemy within her own ranks and the undead closing in, Domi's fight for survival reaches it's final stage.


Genre: horror, experimental, short movie


Status: in production


Domi / Schmidi / Seri / Al / Waeber / Lea / Jay Jay / Mike / Schäni / Jenny / Mara / Jüggu / Myre / Maiden / Jöggu / Kusi / Vanius / Santo / Donat

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Official Music Video

Here's an official music video by the band Emerald, based on Zömbelized.


Written, directed, filmed & edited by Al

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