Jay Jay

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Occupation & Hobbies:

- Sachbearbeiter (z.Z. arbeitssuchend)

- Singer with the following bands/projects:

Favorite Movies:

T2, BTTF, Goonies, Bad Boys, Evil Dead, Top Gun, Braindead, LOTR, From Dusk Till Dawn 1, Rambo 2, Gremlins 1, Con Air, The Rock, True Lies, Total Recall (original), Superbad, Karate Kid 1 (original), Cobra, Smokey and the bandit, Scream 1, Stand by me...


Favorite TV Series:

Walking Dead, Lost, Magnum, Spartacus, Home Improvement, Scrubs, How I met your mother, Strike Back, Big Bang Theory, Castle, Psych, Grimm, Breaking Bad, Simon & Simon, The Fall Guy, Two 1/2 men, Bones, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Heroes, My name is Earl, Chuck, The Following, Dexter, Prison Break...


Favorite Bands:

Edguy, Doro, Def Leppard, Ten, Avantasia, White Lion, Savatage/TSO, Rage, Saint Deamon, Steel Panther, Helloween, Jon Olivas Pain, Pretty Maids, Iron Maiden, Crash Diet, Halestorm, early Blind Guardian...


Favorite Drinks:

Sprite, Ice Tea, Cardinal, Malibu Orange


Tollmais Function:

getting killed in different ways in Evil Shit, Zömbelized & Zömbel Squad