Frequently Asked Questions

I know that some of you really care about my movies and wonder what's going on with my projects. I really appreciate that and I'm always happy to give you the answer you need. Yet there are several questions I got asked a thousand times already and get asked over and over again. So before you write to me and ask one of these exact same questions once more, please read the answers below.


Thank you very much!


1. When will Zömbel Squad be finished?

"I honestly don't know! There are still several changes to make in the script! As soon as I know how to finish the movie in a satisfying way, I will do so! Updates will be found on this page!"

2. Is Zömbel Squad dead?

"No, it's just in a deadlike sleep!"

3. Are your movies available on DVD?

"At the moment, no! I still don't have a distributor! I know that there are cheap copies of Zömbel 1 and Zömbel 2 being sold but this is happening behind my back, without my consent!"

4. Why don't you sell Zömbel 1 & 2?

"These 2 movies were never ment for a big audience! They were just some fun projects we shot for ourselves and our close friends! I never expected them to become popular. I cannot sell them legally because of the soundtrack: I just used music from my CD collection without the permission of the bands or labels. ...and no, I don't have any intention of re-dubbing these movies with new "legal" sound!"

5. Why do you only shoot horror / gory movies?

"Because these are the only movie genres in which you don't necessarily need a big budget or professional actors to get a cool result."

6. Why don't you do this professionally and make a career out of it?

"a) That's easier said than done... b) I like to be independent and shoot movies among friends, just for fun! I think if it became too professional, it would take the fun out of it!"

7. Why all that violence? Is there something wrong with you?